Sunday, June 3, 2007

Classroom Management Tips

Silence any group or class - as soon as you walk in the room - even if it's a group you've never taught before!
Get pupils to follow your instructions - within 30 seconds - without confrontation and without resentment.
Put an end to inappropriate questions immediately so that you can maintain control instead of being the butt of a cheeky pupil's jokes and comments
Gain support from senior staff, parents and other colleagues - without this the job is very difficult!
Motivate all pupils - especially low achievers - to produce more work for you than they've ever done in their school careers
Get pupils to sit quietly and actually listen when you're talking
Put an end to low level disruption such as chatting... sniggering... whispering... tapping... throwing things and wandering
Stop ALL pupils from swearing - no matter how old they are and no matter how bad their current behavior is
Deal with major confrontations and crises calmly and swiftly - knowing full well that you are in total control every step of the way. No more panicking, no more shaking and no more worrying that you could lose it at any moment.

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